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Buttermilk Chicken Strips & Fries

Buttermilk Chicken Strips & Fries $16.00 Chicken breast dipped in buttermilk breading and fried. Served with ranch and bbq dipping sauce.

Philly Cheese Steak Fries

Philly Cheese Steak Fries $17.25 Shoestring fries topped with thinly sliced Angus steak, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms & Swiss cheese.

Chicken Pot Stickers

Chicken Pot Stickers $15.00 Made with free range chicken, cabbage and garlic. Served with honey soy dipping sauce.

BBQ Rib Grilled Cheese Bites

BBQ Rib Grilled Cheese Bites $15.00 Melted jack and cheddar cheese with bbq baby back rib meat on grilled sourdough.

Gilroy Garlic Fries

Gilroy Garlic Fries $6.75 Shoestring fries tossed with sizzling garlic & Italian herbs.

Jalapeno Calamari

Jalapeno Calamari $16.00 Lemon Pepper breaded squid and jalapeno pieces lightly fried. Served with cocktail sauce & spicy aioli.

Fried Green Beans

Fried Green Beans $13.00 Hand battered green beans served with ranch and spicy aioli.,